Reply To: "thin-skinned"


    P.S. Jeff's comments about targeting specific ppl who bother me is a good one. Because in fact there is one person who seems to have it in for me and I honestly never did anything to him so it bothers me a lot. 

    We had just gotten over a feud (which he started) many months ago, where after he reamed me out (for some delusional thing he thinks I did to him, which I absolutely DID NOT DO) he would not speak to me or any of our mutual friends if I was there, for months.  About a month ago he decided he would “allow” us to be friends again because he finally had a girlfriend so he could be patronizing.  Then once again about 2 weeks ago made a totally mean, unexpected, ridiculous “joke” about my appearance so even his girlfriend was shocked. Later apologized but the question is always, why did he say it in the first place?

    Ok so the guy has serious issues this is obvious so WHY do I let what he says bother me?? This is what I want to use PSTec on.  I think most ppl would say “consider the source” and let it slide off but I get so upset and angry and stay that way! 

    (Needless to say after the insult 2 weeks ago, I avoid him.  I'm quite sure he thinks since he apologized we can be buds, but I'm not stupid enough to fall for that again.)

    So yea I'm going to CT as Jeff suggests lol.  Thanks Jeff.