Reply To: "thin-skinned"

Peter Bunyan

    Hi requin

      Then once again about 2 weeks ago made a totally mean, unexpected, ridiculous “joke” about my appearance so even his girlfriend was shocked. Later apologized but the question is always, why did he say it in the first place?

    Ok so the guy has serious issues this is obvious so WHY do I let what he says bother me?? This is what I want to use PSTec on.  I think most ppl would say “consider the source” and let it slide off but I get so upset and angry and stay that way!

    … and why do you remain angry and hurt so long after the event?

    Forgive me I cannot at this time go through all the past posts. But I suspect when you were young you were put in a position where you were possibly unjustly accused, blamed for something, and verbally at least abused. This sort of thing can simmer away underneath and boil over into anger for sometimes nothing much at all, many years later. This is the  sort of thing I meant by “hidden anger”. If these early incidents can be Click Tracked then you might still get angry but not so much and not for long.

    Apologies, I know you have been working on these things for a long time. But I try to make my replies useful to others who may be new to this forum and self help.