Reply To: "thin-skinned"


    Thanks Peter. No apologies necessary. 

    I haven't delved into my distant past w/ PSTec, honestly.  I don't recall a specific situation where I was blamed/accused as a child. In general I was ignored and emotionally neglected.
    I was no one's favorite whereas my sister and brother both had a grandparent who doted on them, I did not. (We only had 2 grandmothers, so there was no grandparent left to love me most).

    I don't like to go back to all that past junk.

    I did click track the incident and also another one w/ a different person and I think it has helped quite a bit. I did 2 CT sessions on each incident, back to back.  I don't think about the incidents anymore and if they cross my mind there's no emotion attached. Wonderful.

    I definitely need to keep CTing !! 

    Thanks Peter for your time and advice on the forum.