Reply To: Problem finding memories

Peter Bunyan

    Hi gentle p

    Seems you have been working at this for some years, in fact longer than me. It seems unfair that many others have made rocket like progress and you are still struggling.

    From your previous posts you have struggled with the Click Tracks, Positives and more. One common thread appears to be that you believe you have a poor imagination and do not visualise well. This possibly tied to a literal way of following instructions and understanding them. Have I got that about right?

    Let me try to show you that you have a better imagination than you think you have. Open your eyes and look around you, all that you see and percieve as reality is actually a sort of virtual reality inside your head. It is not out there but a representation shown on a screen in your mind. This screen is your imagination. If what you saw was real then there would be no such thing as optical illusions and stage magicians would be out of work. All the sensory input from your eyes, ears, nose, skin and other places is processed by your mind. “You see what you expect and want to see and disregard the rest” to misquote Simon and Garfunkel “The Boxer”.

    This means that in order to be able to use your imagination more efectively you need to shut down as much current sensory input as possible. So find somewhere as quiet and comfortable as possible and close your eyes. This will leave your brain/mind freer to go where you direct it.

    Your imagination is the space between your conscious literal mind and your subconscious  emotional mind. Everything you see is also felt emotionally and able to be described in words. What you see is affected by how you feel about it emotionally this can be so complex that there is no language that can accurately describe it. However we are all largely controlled by our emotions and so complex and irrational beings. We live in a complex and often random world our imaginaation is the space we use to make sense of it all. You could not live without it.

    Although I have tried to breifly get across some big ideas hopefully I have shown you that you really do have a good imagination and that it does more and is more crucial to life than you thought. Also why it is so important in PSTEC.

    If you can remember anything at all, something you did only a few minutes ago say, then you have used your imagination. The memory can contain so much complex emotion and it can take so long to describe and make sense of in words that it has gone before the words are complete. Your subconscious emotional mind is bigger and faster than your logical, literal mind which takes time to string together words. This means memories are often seeming to be fleeting and fragmentory, bits and pieces rather than a continuous “video” replay. The information is all there but you may not be able to recall it. It has become part of you, your Mind Model in PSTEC terms.

    There is much more but I have to go now. Please keep on asking questions until you get an answer you can understand. Give us progress reports, daily if need be, then we can help you make progress.

    I have taken some time to write this because your question shows that your are controlled by fear. Fear of what I do not know, but it is an emotion therefore the Click Tracks seem to be the tools to use. However you have said you have a problem with these so I have to explain and somehow get you use them in a way that they will help you. Are you OK with this?