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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Alakh,

    I am sorry for the late reply. I can sense that you are frustrated and frustration itself is what I would recommend working on first. Using the Click Tracks, work on the emotion of fruatration and the sense of urgency you have to change. That will take some of the edge off.

    Trying to work on everything at once can be incredibly overwhelming, so I think you might be better-served by working through the issues systematically.

    Next, when you have done that and when you have clicked-tracked those “urgent” or “frustrated” feelings to 0 (or close to it), it would be worthwhile to write down each thing you want to work on.

    Work on each of them one at a time.

    It is difficult to analyse exactly what the issues are, from reading your post. However, you have alluded to the fact that you have tried a lot of processes and have not YET had the results you desire.

    If I was going to map it out, I would recommend working on the “frustration” feelings first (as mentioned above), then the “this won't work”  and “change is difficult” feelings/beliefs. Those can certainly get in your way.

    Eliminating these is a good starting-point because, while there is evidently nothing wrong with YOU as a person, starting any process with negative expectations is unlikely to speed progress.

    I appreciate that you are feeling a bit jaded, as you have spent a lot of money and tried to resolve your issues, and are not getting the results you desire.

    What can help bolster your expectations? Well, for starters, have a good look around the PSTEC forums, read the testimonials and listen to the interviews. This technology is profoundly powerful and can be used in a multitude of ways and for a range of issues.

    Other technologies have rave reviews, even though I cannot personally vouch for any of the methods you cited. However, PSTEC will work on some issues and with some individuals remarkably quickly, while other issues will not be resolved until the “tipping point” is reached.

    To this extent, and this will ring true for many processes, subconscious change can result in some personal discomfort for some people. It does not always happen, of course, but the sense that things have gotten worse does not mean you are heading in the wrong direction. In fact, it could well be quite the contrary.

    Tim has some free tracks called Embracing Change and Wealth of Abundance, which I have found extremely beneficial in terms of improving someone's outlook. I woild recommend adding these to your “toolkit.”

    You have referenced the fact that you purchased some PSTEC tracks. Did you get some success with the free Click Tracks? How long have you been using the tracks? How many times have you played them?

    The key thing with PSTEC, in my own personal view and experience, is carefully following the instructions, consistency and variety. Use the tracks often and by following the instructions, and also switch tracks so that you do not become too accustomed to the clicks and tones in a given track.

    Your experience here will be important, I sense. You seem to have a good grasp of what issues you need to work on, and what sort of emotional and personal experiences (a sense.of rejectoon, being bullied etc.) “caused” this. I put that in inverted commas because it was actually your interpretation of events that would lead to such feelings.

    To that end, I would highly recommend writing down these experiences, getting as clear as possible on the memories and imagined outcomes. Work on each emotion/sense separately.

    So, thinking of “worthless” feelings, attach those to all the memories where you saw, felt and experienced “worthless.” Rate the feeling on a scale of 0-10 and then, while following the instructions, run the relevant CT.

    Keep doing this until you get the feelings/emotions lower (in terms of intensity) and, preferably, down to 0. This could be one play of the track, several or a lot. It's worth it.. YOU'RE worth it.

    Then, I would recommend going through this process with the “misery” and “rejected” feelings and associated memories. Work on “misery” and “rejected” independently of one another. Yoh may be surprised that eliminating the unwantes emotion for one memory will actually eliminate a related emotion. Once you have taken a “charge” out of a memory or imagined outcome, a lot can change.

    Remember: Consistency, variety etc.

    You can also use PSTEC Positive to suggest change. Something like “From now on, I allow myself to get better every day” might be helpful. There are many other things you can suggest, of course.

    I hope this is clear and gives you some area of focus, Alakh.

    If you need any clarification on what I have written, please let me know. Please let us know how you get on.


    Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

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