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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Alakh,

    Thank you for keeping us updated.

    I am sorry that you do not SEEM to be getting the progress that you desire. That SEEM is deliberately highlighted, as many changes do take place beyond conscious awareness and you may not be aware of them until the tipping point is reached and your perception shifts.

    As mentioned in my earlier posts, some changes can happen remarkably quickly, while other changes may take some time to manifest. Persistence is key, but positive expectation is also important as this will allow you to persevere while the changes take effect.

    With regards to the emotions, the important thing is to TRY and feel the emotion while playing the Click Tracks. It is your conscious focus that is required, in this regard.

    Did you use PSTEC Positive to program in some positive expectation?

    If you have a look around the forums and read the testimonials from other PSTEC users, some of the changes have been truly spectacular and some users did not get their results immediately. You are not beyond hope at all and that is a belief that you can eliminate.

    To a large extent, PSTEC is like exercise (and that will be the case with the other processes and modalities you mentioned) . It requires your dedication, correctly following the instructions and your time. An analogy: giving up and deciding “I can't get fit” after one or two trips to the gym and deciding that “exercise doesn't work” is cutting out your chances to see real gains.

    I appreciate that you feel a sense of desperation, but you are not broken. You are 20 years old and feel that you are in a bit of a rut.  It is your path, unique to you, but other people have overcome similar adversity and that sense of desperation. You can use PSTEC to neutralise the feelings you have referenced; you can knock out these “not feeling good enough” patterns as many of your experiences will possibly be interlinked.

    No-one needs to suffer and you can make truly profound changes in your life. I am happy to help you with this, so can be contacted, if needs be.

    You could also supplement your PSTEC work with the following FREE tracks:

    It is not all about Click Tracking and Tim has created some fantastic tutorials and hypnotic tracks that can assist you.

    I do not want you to get into the Confirmation Bias of “I don't think any technique can work for me” because, if you do not challenge that belief/assumption (FYI, Tim's Mindfulness program explains how you can challenge confirmation bias), you could confirm that to yourself. It could stop you from taking appropriate action.

    I do hope you read through this thread again and make that commitment to yourself.

    I am here, if you need me, and you can also drop me an email (if that's preferable).


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