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    Ok but to feel the emotion i have the to think of a thought or memory such as the negative expression of my father, the silence, misery,  rejection and since there infinite thoughts linked to this maybe that's why the click track is ineffective for me. For most it's easy for them to release with pstec because they have one menory or one emotion only and so it's easy to aim at the problem.  But I have many different perceptions beliefs emotions that I feel when listening to the click track. Because I am trying to feel the emotion then all different memories and perceptions arise and I feel all kinds of things kinda like a movie and so u cannot stick with one single emotion which is the instructions.  Like when I think of my father which makes me feel rejected,  worthless etc it all gets worse the longer I think of it while click tracking because many emotional reaction and perceptions pop up which make me feel angry resentful etc