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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Alakh,

    Thank you for providing this update.

    I'll address your post:

    the long term results i want is to be socially confident with all people and not feel any anxiety or fear whatsoever about anything.

    Those are good goals, and I think it will serve you well to map this out as systematically as you can.

    1) Address the feelings of anxiety/fear that have popped up in past events/memories or imagined outcomes in the future

    2) Define what “social confidence” looks like and feels like FOR YOU. Be as specific as possible. Does it mean having a feeling of complete ease, the ability to speak up or to speak to anyone, or is it just a feeling of total peace in social events?

    3) Define exactly which version of yourself you wish to be. We all have different sides to our character and, even though it may feel it at times, we do not stay rooted to one version of ourselves. This is because…change is inevitable, and flexibility is possible.

    4) If you are not clear on that version of yourself, or cannot conceive of it, use a role model. Does anyone else you know, have read about it or watched (perhaps on stage or on television) seem to embody the exact characteristics you want in yourself.

    5) If you can conceive of it, then you could come up with some ideas of the beliefs and feelings they (or the idealised version of YOU) are likely to hold about themselves, life and the world in general. You can then use PSTEC Positive to suggest these to yourself.

    With the unwanted feelings significantly reduced, the Positive suggestions can have a profound impact on your self-concept and mind model.

    If i gave up the feelings then i would not be unique  and that means i would have to fit in

    I can appreciate that this is your perspective, but attributing uniqueness to holding certain unwanted feelings might be getting in your way. Some people can occasionally derive secondary benefit from having certain ailments too – it serves a need.

    You are ALREADY unique, but your expression of that is that you are not feeling a sense of inner peace at present and you seem to feel cut off from your peers. If you shift the unwanted feelings and eliminate the beliefs that might be holding you back, you have the choice to be what you perceive to be the best version of yourself. That does not mean you have to conform, but you can at least be happy and acting from your own “higher purpose.”

    i know the goal is to know god but the mind is still making me want things that a normal human wants. so it is a battle between my soul and mind. which leaves me confused most of the time.

    That would cause most people a sense of inner conflict. Be kind to yourself. Every human being has made mistakes (aka “learning opportunities”), and will make more. It is part of the life cycle. Instead of making it a choice between your soul and mind, why not look within your heart and follow what that tells you?

    Again, not to sound like a broken record, but you could CT those conflicted feelings and then (once eliminated) suggest Positive Statements (using PP) like “I trust my intuition,” “From now on, I am becoming the best version of myself.”

    have downloaded the files and will listen to wealth of abundance, but i experienced a bad situation recently where now all my classmates i talk to and work with are now avoiding me so now I am on my own.

    It is good that you have this opportunity to focus the tracks on something very recent and very specific. This is life showing up and giving you the opportunity to resolve an issue.

    going into University will be hard because i am going to see them around. but those feelings now are at s solid 10 for a long time now and brings back many memories and i feel overwhelmed because with pstec you only work with one thing at a time and the wrapper track doesn't really work because it is click track 2015 that is being played for it.

    Going into University being hard is based on your current mind model and expectations. You can use the PSTEC tools to eliminate the feelings, suggest new behaviours and beliefs… and this will shift your mind model. So, with this dedication in place, going to University can be an exciting new chapter in your life.

    With PSTEC, it is certainly best to work on one emotion at a time, but one emotion can have a lifetime of bad experiences/memories behind it. So, using the wrapper, followed by the 2015 CTs and clicktracking whilst TRYING to experience that emotion and the associated memories/imagined outcomes can actually be startlingly quick and efficient.

    As long as you follow the instructions, every time you use the CTs will be having an impact on your mind model. Positive expectation and perseverance will help tremendously.

    Like any tool, it is there to be used in the correct way, and there is no “hard and fast rule” for how long that will take an individual user. For some people, a lifelong issue can be cleared in one or two plays. For others, it may take some more. In either case, it is worth it.

    Look around the forums and have a listen to the PSTEC interviews and tutorials. Lifelong problems can be banished.

    Also about not wanting to forgive my father is right because i feel he deserves to experience the pain he caused me so i can't forgive him until he knows what i experienced. but what do i do about that?

    I do not know the specifics of what your father did or did not do, but clearly it has impacted you deeply. One thing to consider is that forgiveness is not necessarily always about the other person, but about us. Letting go does not mean forgetting, or pretending that everything was acceptable. You are doing it for you and because, if you let it go, you are more likely to move towards the version of yourself you wish to be.

    You might consciously agree or disagree with this, but the power in this instance comes from the subconscious mind.

    You hold that resentment in mind and it is hurting YOU. You can be reasonably confident that, whatever bad your father did, he was not in a good place himself. Perhaps he feels bad about what he did or did not do. Perhaps he does not. Either way, you can try to understand the sort of feelings and beliefs he may hold/have held (based on what you know of his life experiences) and then work towards forgiving. You can also work to building a better relationship with your father – I know that takes two people, but as long as you do YOUR part…

    Please let us know how you get on.


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