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    sorry for late reply i took a break from pstec as i wasn't getting any results, just did a ct2015 long  track and started with a 6/10 and at the end of the track was a solid 10/10 and was feeling very bad and suicidal because the more i thought about my upbringing the worse i felt and the clicking really does not change anything. Pstec is doing me more harm than good and i dont think i will be using it anymore. I just don't believe how tapping the fingers to the sound of a tone can help me, and change the emotion and perceptions. Also not just now but the other time i do a round of pstec i always feel worse at the end than the beginning so i know this technique doesn't work. If 30mins of clicking doesn't make a difference then why should i persist? 

    Or maybe there is something i am missing because other people who use it seem to get changes?