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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Alakh,

    Thank you for posting.

    I appreciate that you are feeling worse after the track than you were before it. I appreciate that you are now feeling a little perturbed. Would that be a fair description?

    What specific aspects of your upbringing did you run the CT on? Would you be able to share that?

    It is not clear from your posts whether you have tried any of my recent suggestions. If you did, can you please explain which of these you tried? Have you been listening to the Mindfulness tutorial and such? There are tremendous insights and suggested uses for the tracks there.

    I am not here to deny your experiences, but I am not crystal clear on how you have been using some of the tracks lately and whether you are mixing them up, using them consistently or what you are targeting?

    I would like to emphasise that, as long as you are using the tracks in the “prescribed” way, you will almost certainly be making shifts.

    Sometimes feeling worse is a temporary issue or simply a consequence of revisiting painful events from your past (and not addressing all aspects of them), and this might just be highlighting an issue (or another aspect of the same issue) that could be worked on.

    Ultimately, you seem to have an extremely negative perception of your upbringing.  I appreciate it can be difficult for you to “go back there.” This can be worked on systematically, and you can immerse yourself in PSTEC, go gentle on the issues or (as you mentioned) stop using PSTEC entirely. It is all a matter of choice and it is one you can always revisit at a later date.

    What do you think changed during the Click Track? What did you focus on to go from a 6 to a 10?

    Have you tried using the Positive suggestions too? And Wealth of Abundance?

    Do you think there is any advantage, on some level, of holding on to some emotions and beliefs?

    What might you have to give up if you let go of all the negative perceptions?

    As mentioned before, you are already unique and do not need symptoms, fear or resentment to be unique. These are things that we may exhibit, but not the “real” us.

    I do hope you will persevere with the processes and that is because I know what is possible. Whichever modality you choose or whether you decide to leave it for a while, you ARE worth it…so persevere with being the best version of yourself.

    I am here, if you do need any further assistance, however.


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