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    Hello Paul, sorry for the late reply as i did not see a notification until i just came back to this thread to read what you told me as i have been doing fastereft with no results, so back with pstec now.would you be open to a Skype chat?

    Now what i noticed is when my 6 went to a 10 my subconscious gave me all theae abreactions and judgements, negative feelings, anger ,self pity which overwhelmed me. This happens when i also persist with fastereft and then I can't handle it so i stop. Maybe my subconscious is doing this to protect me so i dont change because i was likely close to changing the programming and my subconscious is trying very hard to keep everything the i guess the lesson is to just to persist even if it gets worse.

    When i do pstec or fastereft i always aim at the way my father is quiet,detached which made me feel alone, unsupported and fearful of people because I don't seem myself as part of society since my dad is like that.and when the emotions gets worse as i am tapping i think what is happening is go into victim mode and ask why me or how did i have such bad karma to have such a rubbish dad etc

    Now some fastereft practitioners i converse with mention what you said about what might i give up if i let go of the negative perceptions or what bad could happen to me if i let this problem go? The answer is i would not be accepted by my parents as i am doing what they don't like and they expect me to be how i am. If i change i will be alone because i will be different to my parents, so these fears/beliefs are keeping me stuck and i work on them but they get worse so I don't know what to do.