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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Alakh,

    Great to hear from you.

    I would absolutely be open to a Skype chat, and think that might be the best strategy. You can find my contact details on, or send  a Private Message here. We can set something up.

    Sometimes the SUD rating will go higher, as you are consciously focusing on the unpleasant feelings, memories and imagined outcomes. This is not out of the ordinary and will vary from person to person – many people will not have this experience, and some will. It will not impede progress ultimately.

    You are spot on. Your subconscious is your protector. It is not trying to harm you, so persistence is key. Keep at it until you reach the psychological tipping point.

    A good way to loosen up rigid beliefs is to question some of your assumptions. You mentioned that your father being quiet and detached “made me feel alone.” In actual fact, you gave meaning to your father's behaviour. If you had given that a different meaning (“He is just a quiet man who is not emotionally expressive.”)  then and now, you would likely have a different feeling.

    Is it possible your father's behaviour could be the result of something else? Might he have been struggling with something, in his own head or simply unaware of how to communicate with you at that time?

    Can someone being detached “make us feel” anything?

    You did explain your barriers to changing. The other question is: why would it be such a problem if you were not accepted by your parents? You indicated that you did not accept your father and did not feel accepted by him, so how do you know for sure that eliminating your beliefs and changing your behaviour would lead to not being accepted?

    Might it be possible that you will accept yourself, life and your parents even more and so their acceptance would not be so vital to you?

    I just ask these questions earnestly and to encourage more possibilities.

    Thanks for being so candid, by the way.

    I look forward to hearing from you,


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