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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Juntjoo,

    Great post..Thank you for sharing that and for providing your insights.

    In my own experience, it is a balancing act, but you can change in a profound way when you stop blaming other people and start taking responsibility for your own interpretations. Truly distressing things can happen in life, but eliminating the experience of distress is ultimately very liberating.

    Taking on other people's perspectives can also be a very useful skill to develop. Even people who have done things that are unfathomable to us were doing these things, as it made sense to them at that time.

    I do not mean that you blame yourself or try to undermine the issue, but that you accept that people have made mistakes themselves (possibly) and that holding onto resentment hurts the person who is holding the resentment much more than the “resented.”

    Click Track the blame, resentment, anger…It shifts a lot.

    Thanks again for your post. I am sure it will have helped a lot of readers.


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