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Brian Tucker

    Hi, when Tim says “try really really hard to believe,” when doing the BB track, are we trying to believe that belief itself, or that the belief has now gone (as it is now in the past tense)? Eg. I was a depressed person – So I'm trying to believe I was a depressed person but now I'm not?
    I hope you understand the question, it's a bit hard to put it into words  ::)
    Many thanks

    Hi Wendy –

    You want to believe what you are saying.

    I've been a bad person – try as you possibly can to believe this statement to be true aka Yes, I have been a bad person (though it's been in the past I was a bad person) and I believe that is true.

    Also it would be preferred to say “I've been depressed.” Short and sweet. Depressed is an emotion. You may or may not get results from this. You would be better served to blast the core beliefs are that are causing you to feel depressed. I'm certain others will comment here to help you.

    Please let us know what result (if any) you get on “I've been depressed.”