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Paul McCabe
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    Great stuff, Brian.

    To clarify my point in the other thread, I think working on “I am overwhelmed” would have a positive affect. Similarly, I reckon that eliminating “I am depressed” would do something positive too. Eliminating these would create possibilities, I would suggest. Of course, that is just a theory, as it might not be easily lab-tested, per se.

    If someone was feeling a bit deflated for a few days, they might conclude “I am depressed” whereas it might just be a “bad couple.of days.” Eliminating the more drastic belief/interpretation would take the edge off.

    As with anything, it would probably depend on the individual's context, mind model, and what meaning they give “I am depressed.” Some people seem to be comforted about “being depressed”, as a diagnosis can give them a sense of greater significance, connection with others (doctors, support groups etc.) or allow them to avoid certain behaviours.

    I do not mean that in a crass way, as there are many layers to this. It is just one possibility. Other times, someone will have the experience of depression, after all. I find that asking “how would this belief impact me?” can be useful.


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