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Frances Ponick

    Although this topic has not received posts for a long time, I want to contribute an update to the page of negative beliefs Bloodfish provided. It was moved from its previous location, and when I found out it was created by John Nutting, I knew it was worth tracking down:

    He believes that negative core beliefs cannot be totally eliminated, but rather can be balanced: This approach appears to be different from that used by PSTEC.

    Whether one agrees with his mode of therapy or not, however, Nutting's understanding of how negative core beliefs are formed is kind and wise. I learned from him how to discover mine, and to stop scolding myself as they reveal themselves one by one.

    Even though old core beliefs may be completely and totally useless and devastating ad destructive to us now, once upon a time they were logical responses to an illogical world. Back then, taking them on helped ensure that we survived childhood. Removing them now means shedding our old rusty armor and revealing new strength (and fun!) we didn't know we are capable of.