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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Fran,

    Thanks for sharing those resources.

    I think the author has some very interesting things to say and offers a good model. However, it is just a model. All models need to be tested and, in a bizarre way, the belief “you can't eliminate a negative belief” helps create the model. If you believe it, you'll see and experience it.

    I encourage you to test out the model that you CAN eliminate a negative core belief.

    To a certain degree, beliefs always make sense at the time they are formed, and when we excavate them (e.g. find them and bring them to conscious awareness), we apply the labels “positive” and “negative.” The intent was always to keep us safe. That is a side issue, mind you.

    I once had a virus on my PC and it took me a while to find it. I just sensed that something wasn't right. I then researched what the virus was called, what it did and how to delete it. I used 5 anti-virus software programs. The virus remained. The 6th program got rid of it completely. It would have been reasonable for me to conclude beforehand “this virus cannot be removed”, but it was not true. I just needed to use the best technology for the job and to persist  ;)

    I am not sure what techniques, strategies or technologies the author used to eliminate beliefs. However, I do know that even beliefs people have held for most of their lives can be cleared…and will remain cleared.

    You can then layer in better suggestions for your life.

    Hope that helps, Fran.

    Kind Regards,


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