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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi SLG,

    Thanks for posting.

    I agree with what Brian wrote….

    Also, make sure it is an actual belief you are working on. What effect would eliminating something like “I haven't been able to leave my residence for 14 days…” have? Do you think it would change anything in a significant way?

    That is worth considering when working on a belief, I would contend.

    According to whom have you not been able?  There is a huge difference between not feeling able to do something and not being able. Just because something did not happen the way you desired does not mean it never would or could.

    So, specificity in your language will help. Your friend did not come to Fiji. That does not mean your friend never would or could. It does not necessarily follow that your skills of persuasion are lacking.

    What do you believe about the hurricane and your friend not flying to Fiji at this time?

    You can work on uncovering the beliefs, blasting them, and you can also CT the unwanted feelings…as I suspect these are more accessible to you. If you feel fearful of the hurricane and its possible consequences, CT it. If you feel disappointed that your friend is not flying to Fiji, CT it.


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