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    Hi Bloodfish!

    I'd go with Belief Blasters, 18 mins version.

    “I want to be safe” is a direct expression of our survival instinct,
    “I want to be loved” is pretty close to that as well..

    Primal essential drives I wouldn't suggest to reject or try to eradicate.

    As with anything, the problem arises when they get excessive/distorted as to limit some aspect of your life you want to develop. Maybe you could go with “I couldn't have been safe” / “I couldn't have been loved” instead.

    Similar for control over you life.. Some of it is required, and what's the desired outcome of having that control? Ex. peace of mind? Then, “I couldn't have had peace/felt peace” or some other goal, so maybe you could shift it as “I couldn't have got what I wanted”.

    “I want to be wealthy”. So? You perceive that as a negative? Unless your mission is living as a hermit in a cave, I'd say honor your desire and tackle the obstacles to that.. Maybe starting from “Wealth has been bad/wrong” and “I couldn't have been wealthy”.

    “I wanted approval” Why? Because you feel you need it, so I'd word it
    “I had been needing approval”.

    Hope this helps, cheers  :D