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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Mac,

    Thank you for posting.

    To best illustrate the points I will be making, I would find it useful to know the specific beliefs you hold as true or are working through. However, I appreciate you may not feel comfortable doing that, so I can talk around this (as it were).

    Even if something was 100% objectively true (and that is a tall order), then you could certainly eliminate the belief. Something may be “100% true” at one time, but not at other times or for different people. An example might be “People are out to hurt me” being modified to “people were out to hurt me.” That may have been your truth and it populated your mind model.

    However, even something like this could not be objective truth, as you do not know for sure if all people were out to hurt you. We form abstractions about the world – “people can't be trusted” – but we could not test this categorically. Such beliefs are formed based on relatively limited interactions.

    “I had to protect my treasures” does seem more like a consequence of other experiences and beliefs than an actual cause. It was possibly a survival strategy and something you did to counteract your parents' behaviour. I suspect there are many layers to this.

    I suggest trying to connect with how you would have felt at that time and what you would have believed about your parents, life and yourself when your items were taken away from you.

    Try to connect to why you have/had to protect your treasures. What is or was your worst-case scenario?

    Thus, you could come up with 4-5 counterexamples for each of your beliefs (a la the PSTEC Negative instructions).

    You also have the unique advantage of connecting with the beliefs; they felt true. The process will still work.  It is not about denying your past experience , but re-interpreting it. You are leaving the belief in the past, so it is no longer part of your present mind model.

    Paul  :)

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