Reply To: Obsessive Thoughts


    Hi Paul,

    Wow, your suggestion to think about thoughts like movies with the understanding that I am “viewing” my thoughts rather than feeling that “I am” my thoughts, resonates deeply with me.  Until reading your reply, I didn't realize how much of my anxiety DOES comes from feeling embarrassed and somewhat defective about having these thoughts at all (especially because I judge these thoughts as being superficial and shallow). However, when I have other non obsessive negative thoughts, I don't relate them to who I am, I simply see them as thoughts that I may or may not act upon.  I can view my thoughts regarding style and color in the same matter.

    I'll start using PSTEC to deal with my feelings of embarrassment, shame and defectiveness and see where it takes me.  Thank you for help.  I would never have thought to approach these thoughts from this aspect without your input.

    Kind regards,