Reply To: Obsessive Thoughts


    Thank you for your reply Paul.  You've certainly given me more to think about.  I do find that the judgement I assign to my thoughts makes me feel embarrassed, so I'll definitely work on that emotion.

    As far as my anger, I feel like I previously worked through the feelings of anger I had (may still have) towards the individuals responsible for my trauma (I confronted them several years ago), but perhaps I have some residual feelings that need to be dealt with.  I will definitely explore this emotion with more depth as I move forward.

    The primary feelings that I'm conscious of having are fear and grief.  In the short amount of time I've been using PSTEC, I'm so encouraged by the amount of relief I already feel (and prior to PSTEC, I didn't realize I needed this relief).  The effects produced by the Accelerator were quite astonishing to me!

    As an aside, can you use CT1 CT2 and/or the Accelerator to suggest positives?  If so, how should I go about doing this? 

    Kind regards,