Reply To: weight training

Peter Bunyan

    Hi glynrees

    The Click Tracks will reduce/remove any feeling/emotion If you can focus on that feeling “cantbearsedness” while running a Click Track it will reduce the intensity of that feeling. Repeat as required until gone or very low. You do need to assess this using the 0-10 scale before and after every playthrough.

    Speaking as a long term runner and having been sidelined by injuries, could it be that you are worried about injuring again? Not just the pain of it but the heartbreak of not being able to do what you love to do. You define yourself as a bodybuilder it becomes part of who you are, mentally and physically in the case of bodybuilding. When training you feel good when you are in control and shaping your body how you want it to be. When injured you have lost control. This is gaining and losing self-esteem/confidence. This is possibly what underpins your “cantbearsedness”. If this resonates with you then it gives you other negative feelings to ClickTrack.

    There is much more but get started with the Click Tracks and let us know how you get on.