Reply To: First impressions with pstec.


    Sorry for the long initial post – I think I figured out what's going on.

    I have so bad self esteem that when told something extremely positive or a praise such as “you're wonderful” from the basic track it's so far removed from my beliefs about myself that my subconscious finds it ridiculous so it just bursts into involuntary laughter! I am basically laughing against my will as soon as something positive is being implemented in the track. In case someone thought I was ridiculing the track, no I wasn't :-[! Laughter is happening involuntarily. While using hypnosis affirmation in the past, I remember now I've always carefully avoided “extremely positive” affirmations because “it's too unrealistic, it sounds fake, I can't connect with it”.

    Is there a way to override this? About the ability to recall emotion and focus on emotion while tapping, that's just something I'll have to practice I guess.