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Paul McCabe
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    Hi DaughterofThunder,

    Thank you for your post. Sorry for the late reply.

    The PSTEC Click Tracks can be used to neutralise ANY feeling/emotion (often used interchangeably) and generally this would be any unwanted feeling. This could be a positive feeling associated with an unresourceful behaviour, however – for example, the feeling of “elation” when spending too much money, “excitement” when gambling at a casino.

    This is a case of personal choice, as you can choose to keep the feelings if you believe they serve you in some way. Also, unless it's an intervention, people will need to deem whether their behaviour might be a problem.

    PSTEC can be used on low-level or acute feelings. Someone may judge they have anxiety at a level of 10/10, while another person may hold this at a level of 4/10. The Click Tracks will work equally well, irrespective of the intensity of the emotion and associated feelings.

    I certainly recommend you download the other tracks I linked in the earlier post. They are all free and will give you additional ways to approach change and some insights into the various PSTEC tools.

    With the Free Click Tracks, you do not have to be perfect. That goes for all the tracks. You follow the instructions and do your best to TRY to feel the emotion and associate with the memory. We are human, so our minds may wander and that's OK. Just try.

    You know you have “underlying stuff”, so HOW do you know that? How does it show up?

    What do you do to produce the problem (or even have the perception it is a problem)? How does it show up for you in everyday life? When are the feelings triggered?

    There will be causes and triggers, of course, but you can start by simply trying to invoke this feeling while running the CT.

    It can also be useful to run the CT as close as possible to when you experience the feelings/thoughts.

    If you could give more details on what you are targeting, I will be more specific. This is not essential, but does tend to help.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul  :)

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