Reply To: First impressions with pstec.

Brian Tucker

    DaughterofThunder –

    Since you have listed out so much here… I would suggest you focus on one primary area to get started and that would be repressed anger. Anger at all of these issues you have outlined and also anger at yourself for all of these issues. Start with the most significant and troublesome and just start working your way through the list. A good place would even be to simply clicktrack being angry at your situation, angry at life in general. Go all the way back as far as you can remember, likely your parents.

    When you run the clicktracks get extremely angry – where you have a tantrum (in your mind) about how much you hate these, rage, fury,…how freaking sick and tired you are of dealing with or worrying about that issue. Use expletives, cry, long 1-2 minute screams with your inner voice in your imagination…really get into it as much as possible. Get it all out! If any grief comes up afterwards, clear that too.

    Outside of that two other areas you can focus on are unresolved grief and self-loathing.

    You could spend several weeks on anger and see an amazing transformation and you will notice many things start to go away on their own, especially anxiety, procrastination, depression related issues. Repressed anger is the worst and we have no idea how much we have!!

    Since you have anxiety presently it would be suggested to start with 2-3 runs of the clicktracks a day so roughly a 40 minute investment every day. The 2015 clicktracks are much more powerful and also seems to play nicely with anxiety sufferers.  Three runs of the 2015 tracks wil put you about 45 min a day. Also would suggest to pick up the accelerators and listen to the relaxing accelerator each night at bedtime.

    Doing the up front work with anger will also weaken everything else you have going on so when you go to clear and issue it will not take nearly as much time as if yo had the anger there.

    Hope this helps you get going and keep going.