Reply To: First impressions with pstec.


    I don't feel anger about my life at all. I feel pain. But who knows… if I have it it's probably very repressed.

    I don't feel like I have the right to get angry about anything, life is bad for most people and a lot of people have it worse. I felt really bad after that previous post, I don't want to complain.

    You are right, it's really a lot of things. Which also explains why I had no success. It's hard to pick what to focus on.
    I guess I will focus on anxiety for now and if I feel anger along the way I will clicktrack it.

    P.S. I was just studying how to release repressed anger when it hit me that I get angry with myself. Ahhh, completely forgot about that. I guess being angry with yourself is “permissible” for the people who suppress anger so it did the trick to find it out. I'll have to hunt the feelings acutely to clicktrack because I'm really bad at recalling it otherwise.