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Paul McCabe
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    Hi player_995,

    Thanks for your post.

    PSTEC has a range of different tools and they can be used in different ways and for different issues.

    The PSTEC suite of tools can certainly help you with beliefs like:

    “I'm ugly”
    “I'm unattractive”
    “I can't get a girlfriend”

    When did you become aware of these beliefs?

    With PSTEC, the standard protocol is to start with the Click Tracks. So, if you feel bothered by anything at all (FEELING ugly, for example.), this is the preferred way to start. Emotional clearance is important, as emotional neutrality can often clear the thoughts and beliefs without any further work needing to be done.

    So, for example, you COULD work with the “evidence” that you are unattractive and that you could never get a girlfriend. Those are the issues to target. Imagine never getting a girlfriend, or people criticising your appearance (perhaps you have memories of this too), try to hold onto the negative feelings and run the Click Tracks until you get the unwanted emotion down to a 0 or1.

    You can also work through and eliminate beliefs that feed into an emotional or behavioural pattern more directly. This can be done via:

    Belief Blasters (
    PSTEC Negative (

    Both of these programs work exceptionally well. Different instructions apply to each, of course, but they are highly effective and will enable you to eliminate any beliefs that are feeding the sense that you are unattractive.

    There are additional things you can with the PSTEC suite of tools, yet I do not want to overload you, so please try the suggested approach (above) and let us know how you get on.

    All the best,

    Paul  ;D

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