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Paul McCabe
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    Hi player_995,

    Thank you for your update and I am sorry that you have not yet had the results you have been seeking.

    When you say that you tried the Click Track, please elaborate on the following:

    – How many times did you use the Click Track?

    – Which emotions did you work on?

    – Did you think of past events and imagined outcomes?

    – On the issue you addressed, what was the SUD rating (0-10) before running the track(s) and then after?

    – Did you encounter any difficulties when running the tracks?

    – How do you know it didn't work?

    With regards to PSTEC Negative:

    – Which specific beliefs did you work on?

    – Which counterexamples did you work on for each belief?

    – Did you scramble the belief(s) while running the track?

    – Did you encounter any problems with the track? For instance, did you have any problems following the instructions?

    I look forward to your reply.

    Paul  ;D

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