Reply To: Arbitrary CTs vs fixated tapes

Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for your question.

    Further to what Brian wrote, PSTEC will always be effective as long as you are following the instructions. Brian has shown that too and what he has suggested is spot-on.

    I do appreciate the quest for novelty, but this is what keeps some people always looking for the next shiny object or giving up when things are no longer new. Everything you need is already here  ;)

    If you find that you are “too familiar” with the clicks and tones and you want to keep things fresh, there are some things you can do:

    – Mix up the tracks you use (e.g. if you use the free CT most often, add in the EEFs from Level 1: or the tracks from Click Track 2015: ) and do this frequently, so you do not too used to a particular track. The long CT from Click Track 2015, if you have not used it yet, would certainly keep things fresh.

    – Mix up the tapping points (e.g. if you typically tap on your thigh, you could tap on your collarbone) and vary these tapping points when running the Click Tracks.

    – Follow the “PSTEC Stretch Process”, as mentioned in Level 1.

    Hope that helps,

    Paul  :)

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