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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Truman,

    Thanks for posting.

    As well as the suggestions already given, you may find it beneficial to consider what beliefs might be contributing to this pattern.

    Eliminating the relevant beliefs is another pathway to change. There is always more than one and the various PSTEC tools can work harmoniously.

    So, you have a fear of being abandoned and experience anxiety around women?  There is a part of your mind that knows the cause of these patterns, of course.

    Have you ever been abandoned or felt that you were (Click Track that, if you were)?

    What might be generating these emotional patterns is a series of beliefs (as well as the conditioned responses). Beliefs feed into emotions and emotions into beliefs, and going after either will impact the other.

    You can keep going with the Click Tracks and neutralise the emotions but, as it seems unusally stubborn this time, it might be a smart play to “blast” the contributing beliefs.

    I think we could find those beliefs if we spoke. However, in lieu of that, just ask yourself:

    “What would I have to believe about women and myself to feel anxious in this situation?”

    Might it be something like “Women can't be trusted”, “I'm not worth loving”, “Women don't like who I really am”, “Nothing works out for me” and/or “I am going to end up alone”?

    Try saying each of those out loud and check whether they resonate. If so, you almost certainly hold these beliefs.

    Can you see how holding a belief like those cited (and you may NOT hold them, of course) would naturally generate all manner of thoughts and emotions?

    These type of beliefs are worth eliminating, for sure, as you will feel a greater sense of peace and possibility.

    If you have the Belief Blasters (, you can get this handled by going through each belief and eliminating it.

    If you need any more assistance with this or anything else, please let us know.

    All the best,

    Paul  ;)

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