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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Newfiechic,

    Thanks for posting.

    There are a few ways to tackle this issue. If you are running the Click Tracks on this issue, however, I recommend that you listen via speakers (as opposed to headphones). This will limit any possible side effects.

    Can you please advise which PSTEC products you own? This will mean I can advise based on what you already own.

    What I would personally recommend in this case and, based on the way you have presented it, is a form of systematic desensitization.

    If you experience difficulties producing the feelings at will, while focusing on the problem memories,…you may wish to Click Track close to the time or when you typically experience the panic.

    You could even try manufacturing this and go into a situation where you would normally expect to feel the panic, having the Click Tracks “ready to go.”

    Start small. Go to a place/context where you may typically experience a smaller amount of the problem feelings, and CT the feelings as you experience them.

    Then you can “clear as you go.”

    Make sure you attach the feelings to particular memories when you are not Click Tracking “in the moment.”

    Make sure you imagine the worst case scenario. What do you think would happen if you were actually sick in public?

    To give you an example of this, someone may Click Track about an argument they had 3 weeks ago whilst trying to feel the anger they felt. Another person may Click Track the anger about an argument they had three minutes ago. For some people, the difference between trying to evoke an emotion and actually experiencing an emotion can be quite stark.

    This sort of issue can be quite metaphorical in nature – a representation about fear of rejection, losing control or being in danger perhaps. Can you remember when it first showed up for you and what was going on in your life at that time?

    I would recommend using PSTEC Accelerators ( whilst thinking of the problem and seeing if any historical causes show up. Then you could CT these.

    I would also ask: “what would I have to believe to feel this way?”

    Make it specific. “What would I have to believe about people to fear being sick around them?”

    You might find it is something akin to “People are out to get me” and then you may have contributing beliefs like “I'm not in control” or “I'm powerless”

    See what comes up, of course. Say the words of the belief out loud and see whether it resonates.

    Belief Blasters is the top tip for eliminating the beliefs that feed an unwanted pattern –

    I expect the combination of Click Tracks and Belief Blasters will have made a big difference.

    Then, you could layer in some truly fantastic suggestions about your personal safety with PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo (

    “No matter how I felt, it is safe to feel safe now”

    “I am already powerful, so it is safe to be around people”

    I hope this helps and I look forward to your reply.

    All the best,

    Paul  ;D

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