Reply To: Dealing with fear when feelings are only present in fearful situations

Brenda Penton

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you so much for your very detailed reply…lots to work through!
    Right now I just have the free click tracks, but if needed I would buy whatever would work.

    I think for me the biggest issue is fear of feeling (and not being able to escape the feeling), especially when it comes to the sensations. It seems like it is mostly fear of feeling extreme nausea before the point of it actually becoming vomiting, but there does seem to also be a tiny bit of fear of vomiting due to the embarrassment factor.

    A lot of the fear as well has to do more so with expecting fear/nausea/panic to be there in certain situations.

    I am going to sit down and make a very detailed plan based on your suggestions.

    I had a question about the focus while doing click tracks. Do I sit with the focus on the thing that brings up the feeling along with the feeling (i.e. thinking of doctors appointment while feeling anxiety) or do I mentally focus on fear of going to the doctors appointment while feeling fear (i.e. thinking I'm afraid of going to the doctor's appointment while feeling fear). I believe I had been doing the latter and that may have been wrong as I always felt like it was too overwhelming to focus.

    Thanks again!