Reply To: Bully in the gym

Daniel Wynn

    Clearingman –

    All the answers you need are in what you typed.

    – Suggest you CT any and all feelings around this bully down to a 1 or better yet a 0

    – Listen to this recording – It is specific to bullies and has a positive phrase in there that can help you shift how you perceive this situation as you word it specific to your situation.

    • One word you said was “he is a dickhead” ok CT that – also ct these:

      a person who doesn't care for respect.

      He keeps attempting to land knock out punches into me, and has caused my nose to bleed 2 times now.

      with punches intended to harm.

      I chose to speak up and explain he was out of line, which he responded with something a long the lines of if i hit you my hardest you would be on the floor knocked out.

      This guy has no means of communication, only looking to feed his own ego.

      I know I'm rusty and trying to get stuck in again,

      this is just knocking my confidence.

      finding it hard not to put the pressure on

      I'm somehow holding back

      fear of hurting my opponent.

      I'm always up against that dickhead

      something I'm not proud of.

      Is i have in one way or another hurt a lot people.

      i didnt live in the most quietest place

      everybody wanted to be somebody

      you either protect yourself, or in some cases end up in hospital or worse.

      I have managed to move past that (no you haven't – you are replaying it subconsciously right now)

      i never want to hurt people like i did (justified or not) ever again (ct those memories of what you did).

      Which is a little hard not to in an mma gym when its a full contact sport.

      But there is a difference between a controlled fighter and a brute. I consider just a little conflicted

      Hope that makes sense

    • [/list]

      You can either CT each one or fire up the tapping accelerator then the 2015 30 min long and just fire away on the whole story imagining all of it as bad as it gets. If you have any memories that pop up write them down and clear them out. Probably fear and resentment, envy, jealousy, indgnation, related. GET IT ALL TO A 1 or 0

      – Also look into feelings of – it's not ok and/or not safe, It's dangerous – to unleash on him and take him out. CT all of these to 1 or 0

      – Per the recording something like “I'm done worrying about he is harmless and weak now” and/or “a whiny little baby now” and perhaps “I'm better than I can easily kick his ass now” (or beat him now lol) “I'll take out as I always feel powerful now”

      Let us know when he taps out next time crying like a little baby. ;(''''''''

    Hi Brian.

    That was an awesome response, thank you for those ideas and putting things into context like that. Your right I had all the answers in there, It's easier to see from that perspective now. I'm going to keep on working on that tonight. Do you think it might take me a while to get through everything there? Ill let you know how it goes next time I go up against him lol. What sort of suggestions can I layer in for better performance, I understand the mind has to believe its possible first. So, is it best to work through on softer suggestions for a little while before going in with harder suggestions? Also if you were already there before how do you achieve a higher performance than you have already achieved (without knowing the limit of where you want to be). For instance when the fight goes to the floor I find my opponent manages to get the upper hand on me on more occasions than i do, and with that I have actually lost a few fights. So, how would I make things realistic in this situation, because I can't win every fight on ground work alone, because every opponent is different, right? Just like I can't bob and weave every punch or elbow thrown my way, it doesn't sound realistic. So how do I make this more of a reality, or is it even possible to evade my opponents attacks that much? My overall fitness and health isn't where I want it to be either, I would like to be able to make it through rounds without it being such hard work. Would I need to suggest that I am working harder which as a result improve my fitness, or just go straight in with “I am fit and healthy, and training is easier now.”

    Thank you for your help.