Reply To: Bully in the gym

Daniel Wynn

    So, as well what Brian suggested, it might be worth checking whether the following beliefs resonate with you. If so, you can eliminate them with the Belief Blasters:

    “He didn't respect me”

    “He was bullying me”

    “He was trying to enrage me”

    “It was bad to hurt people”

    “If I hurt him, I would have been bad”

    “Anger was dangerous”

    “I was a dangerous person”

    You may not have all or any of these, so check in and see. You can logically counter every, single belief. This is also a very useful strategy.

    I almost forgot. I ran those through the belief blaster. You mention to logically counter every single belief. I can see what your getting at, but I'm a little confused as to where to turn it.

    For instance.

    “It was bad to hurt people”

    It doesn't feel very true anymore. It just kind of feels empty. But what could be the opposite to that, because hurting people isn't good either. I know on a logical level if I went around hurting people for no reason it would obviously be a bad move. What good can come out of removing that belief, and also what could I turn that into for it to be positive?