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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Jesse,

    Thank you for your post.

    For eliminating a spider phobia, there are various PSTEC tracks available. However, I appreciate you are using the Free Click Track.

    I would recommend the following:

    – pay attention to how you know you have the phobia. For example, what reactions do you have when you think of spiders? What physical sensations (e.g. sweaty palms, racing heart), thoughts etc. show up?

    These are your cues and you can actively engage with these while running the Click Tracks. When they are no longer present, it'll be evidence the issue is being resolved and then completely resolved. You'll then not feel any fear when you hear the word “spider”, see a spider, view a picture/movie of a spider etc.

    – Rate the feeling from 0-10 before and after each play of the Click Track. You may well have started at a 10, then gotten down to a 5, for example. Keep going until you get to a 0 or 1. Complete resolution can be achieved with just one play of the Click Track, or it may require several plays/rounds. So, if I write “CT to a 0 or 1” that means….keep going  ;)

    – some people feel embarrassed about having a phobia. If you feel any embarrassment about people finding out, imagine telling someone who does not know, try to feel the embarrassment and run a separate Click Track on this. Click Track that down to 0 or 1

    – CT the causal memory down to 0 or 1. Just try to hold onto the fear while thinking of it.

    –  CT any other “evidence” you have about spiders being scary, dangerous etc. See if anything else comes to mind. Even just the concept of “spider” can be CTed. You may wish to make a written note of anything else which comes to mind.

    – Separately CT the imagined scenario of seeing a spider, insects
    or even a lot of spiders crawling into your room, having to hold them etc. Make it as vivid and scary as possible. You can add a tarantula into this mix. Try to hold onto the fear while running the CT and CT that down to 0 or 1.

    You can test the reduction by checking the original “proofs” you had of the phobia and see if they are gone or just feel different. Every time you run the CT, the fear will either go down or completely disappear. This happens once you hit the tipping point.

    You can watch the video and look at the pictures when you feel ready to do so. Equally, on a conceptual level, you don't have to do this at all or ever. Someone may have, for instance, a dog phobia and the cause of this was that they were badly bitten when they were 4 years old. They would not have to go back and pet said dog to know the phobia is gone.

    However, to be thorough, you can certainly take this approach.

    There is no set rule to how often you use the Click Tracks. Some people use them a couple of times for an issue that has been bothering them; other people use the PSTEC suite of tools every day to resolve all manner of issues and to change how life shows up for them and, indeed, how they show up for life  ;D

    Hope that helps, Jesse. Please do keep us updated and we are always happy to help in any way we can.

    Best Regards,


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