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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Jesse,

    Thanks for your post.

    You can certainly follow those protocols, if there are additional facets/nuances you wish to clear.

    You may wish to either imagine the videos/photos while CTing or have them to hand while CTing.

    The Click Tracks are free, of course, and no purchase may be necessary. In fact, there are some other amazing free tracks available via the PSTEC site:

    – Embracing Change (
    – You are Amazing! (
    – Mindfulness with PSTEC (

    However, since you mentioned that you wished to work on some other issues, the following paid tracks would be very useful and come highly recommended:

    PSTEC Accelerators ( : these help with finding causal memories and are extremely useful for ongoing PSTEC work, as they speed progress with all the other tracks. 

    Click Track 2015 ( – the newest Click Tracks, these are extremely advanced and enable you to combine a lot of memories into one round of Click Tracking. You can link an unwanted emotion (fear) to a series of separate memories/imagined outcomes.

    Belief Blasters ( – enables you to blast away beliefs in 10-20 minutes. These tracks were released in 2017 and are wonderfully effective at eliminating beliefs that you may have held for many years.

    PSTEC Positive Quantum Turbo ( – as of this writing, these are Tim's newest tracks. They enable you to create positive suggestions of change, install beliefs and shift your perception. Extremely powerful.

    Thanks again, Jesse.

    Paul  :)

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