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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Jesse,

    Many thanks for your update.

    To a large extent, no belief can ever be an objective truth. A belief we hold is, however, OUR truth. We live based on that.

    So, if someone genuinely believes “I'm a great mother”, she will have certain evidence for that and certain feelings generated by the belief.

    So, if someone believes “spiders are scary”…this will produce certain feelings and behaviours. The thing is, spiders are not inherently scary, so you can absolutely blast that belief away (as you seem to have done).

    You could then use Quantum Turbo (if you have it) to layer in “I'm now completely at ease when I see spiders” and/or “Perhaps it is totally safe to feel spiders are OK now”

    With regard to a belief like “I am/was phobic of spiders”, i suspect that this would have some impact. However, to a large degree, you would be arguing with your emotional experience. You felt fear and then are effectively trying to tell yourself you didn't. In my experience, there are more effective strategies that cut right to the core.

    It might be best to look at the “why.” So, you have “spiders are scary”, you might also consider “I will always be afraid of spiders” (“I would always have been afraid of spiders”). I personally feel this may factor in “fear of the fear coming back”, whilst not denying your previous emotional experience. It also enables you to factor in counterexamples like “maybe I would have found a way to feel OK”, “I couldn't predict the future with 100% certainty” etc.

    Then you might look at other possible beliefs:

    “There was something wrong with me” (for feeling afraid of spiders)

    “Having that phobia made me vulnerable”

    “Spiders were dangerous” (counterexamples: maybe some are, but not all,.maybe I'm more dangerous to spiders than they are to me,  spiders only felt dangerous when I had the phobia)

    “Spiders would have annihilated me” (you can delete the emotionally descriptive part of the sentence)

    I hope that helps, Jesse.

    Please keep us updated.

    Best Regards,

    Paul  :)

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