Reply To: Spider phobia

Jesse Jacobs

    Hi Paul,

    Many thanks for your continued advice as well.

    The fact that a belief has no objective truth only our personal truth is a very good reference point. I often mention the book / film ‘Rashomon’, regarding the subjectivity of experience.

    You confirmed how I felt. Both statements felt as if they were arguing against my own experience, albeit a distorted one. 1) Spiders were scary to me. 2) I did feel phobic. Saying that was never true didn’t feel quite accurate. I rationalized this as a hypnotic double reversal to erase it’s existence.

    I have Quantum Turbo, and have used it once, just to test it out. I like these phrases ‘I am totally relaxed when I see Spiders’, and, ‘Spiders feel safe now’. I will do that.

    I am close to feeling neutral just doing the free tracks, Wrapper, and CT 2015 long. CT'ing many spider scenes from Hollywood movies and montages has worked great.  At first I thought such films might fuel it— i.e. why input unwanted images? However watching them I quickly relaxed as I realized it’s just another boogie man. I am not afraid of it coming back, or having to continue to verify either.  I won’t have to do this much longer because each time I run CT 2015, it reduces. I will be at 0 for all films soon.

    I have been amazed by the results, I became curious about the range of tools and how they worked. On the other hand I might not need multiple tools if this approach is working. Let me know what you think.

    The last phase will be nightmarish associations which might reduce after this phase.

    Thank you again! :)