Reply To: Spider phobia

Jesse Jacobs

    Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your suggestion and excellent observation.  'Fear of fear' seems to be the whole ball game. It is true with fear in general, and recognizing this simple principle is at the center of most fears. It is just a limiting belief.

    It's one thing to know that conceptually. It is another to actually change your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. I am simply amazed by my transformation using PSTEC.

    I am probably at 0 for Spiders from Hollywood films. I need to confirm to clear any minor gross outs or revulsion. Although these horror type sequences are designed to scare and gross out.

    I don't have a fear of it coming back, but it might be good to save that at the very end to wrap everything up.

    One last phase to go.

    Thank you Brian for your continued instruction.  :)