Reply To: Spider phobia

Jesse Jacobs

    Hi Paul and Brian,

    I am at 0 for Hollywood movie spiders. Quick summary: I went through film and found the scariest Hollywood horror killer giant spiders from old films to today. I just CT’d my way through all of them in 10 days to 0. It was fun. Each time afterward I felt great.

    Detail Summary:

    Found a list of the scariest spider movies.  On youtube found King Kong, LOTR, Hobbit, Harry Potter, Arachnophobia, Several montages of top movie spider from all of film, random scenes, etc. (Some of this is redundant from earlier posts.) I watched them over and over. Giant spiders killing people, crushing them, spiders crawling on people to kill them, crawling out of peoples mouths, etc. Every scary scenario.  Each time in advance I did a wrapper flashing all the scenes in my mind from every movie. I just CT'd 2015 Long 1 & 2 my way through it all. It was very easy. I felt the fear, and just stayed with it. It felt good.

    Day 35-38 Start 3, During 5, End 1-2 (average previously posted)
    Day 39 Start 0, during 5 end 2.
    Day 40 Start 0, during 4 end 1-2
    Day 41 Start 0, during 3, end 2
    Day 42 Start 0. During 1-2 End .5
    Day 43 A Start 0, during 1, End 0. 
    Day 43 B  Watched later no clicking, 0. Regular video of tarantulas no clicking, 0.
    Day 44 Revulsion pass. CT’d disgust. Start 0, During 2-3, End 0.
    Day 45 Revulsion pass CT’d the feeding video. Start 0, during 2-3, end 0.

    For anyone else still reading this post– if you or anyone you know has a phobia just get started and keep going to 0. This absolutely works.

    Amazing! Thank you both again!  ;) :) ;D