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Paul McCabe
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    Hi SLG,

    Thanks for your post.

    I appreciate the pattern you have identified can be resolved by PQT. You can, of course, resolve this with various PSTEC tools – such as CTing any resistance to reaching out to new prospects.

    You could imagine what you fear coming to fruition. It might be “people thinking less of me”, “rejection”, “criticism” or “not being enough.”

    You may also wish to combine this with Belief Blasters, eliminate the belief(s) feeding the pattern and layer in the positives.

    Beliefs like the following may feed into the pattern:

    “It's bad to be pushy”
    “People don't want to be bothered with sales pitches”
    “People think less of people who ask for a sale”
    “Closing is scary”
    “If I don't close perfectly, I'll lose the sale”
    “If I get a no, it's mean I've been rejected”
    “What makes me good enough is doing things perfectly”

    You could say those out loud and check whether any of them resonate with you. If they do, I would recommend putting them into the past tense and blasting them.

    Then, you can layer in some positive suggestions with PQT.

    I suggest the following:

    “What I have to offer is incredibly valuable and now I can relax”
    “Offering prospects a brilliant proposal is never pushy”
    “Even if a prospect says no, I can remain very chilled now”
    “I am completely calm and at ease when reaching out to new prospects”
    “No one is rejecting me and I can relax now”
    “Telling people about my business has become so easy now”
    “No matter what any prospect says, I am safe to promote my business”
    “I am comfortable speaking to new people, as it makes sense”
    “Money is safe and I am relaxed around it now”
    “I feel good about myself for being so courageous now”

    I hope that helps, SLG.

    Please keep the thread updated with your progress and any questions you may have.

    All the best,

    Paul  :D

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