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Paul McCabe
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    Hi SL,

    Thank you.

    It is a pleasure.

    To be honest, things pop into my own awareness frequently. I am a big proponent of “physician, heal thyself!”  ;D

    For the intrusion aspect, you can find logical counterexamples like “maybe some people see salesmanship as instrusive, but not all people”, “most people are cool with chatting to decent people who care and can help them” and “some people might not be ready to buy, yet I can still be a positive influence.”

    Also, while it may not be necessary to go there, it is amazing how much “intrusion” can crop up. It is not uncommon for in-laws, teachers and employers to say things like “speak when you're spoken to!”, “do as you're told!”…or just tell people to keep quiet (sometimes in an abrupt way).

    Think back. If your parents often acted like you were bothering them, this would have an impact on your model of reality.

    If this becomes habitual, it would not be uncommon for a child to form beliefs like:

    “I'm an inconvenience” (maybe the wording “I'm a nuisance” is more apt)
    “What I have to say is not important”
    “It is rude to ask people for anything”

    You can check in with those beliefs too. You may not hold these, but they can definitely contribute to such a pattern.

    Thanks again, SL.

    Paul  :D

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