Reply To: How many sessions per belief?

Brian Tucker

    Hi, good morning!

    I just wanted to ask, how many plays of the Positive quantum tracks should be done per belief, for optimal results?
    I have done twice with one belief and it feels very very good, I dont know if it is installed in my mind but I feel relaxed and as if I was in a trance, so to speak. So it seems to be working.

    Also, I would like some help with formulating a statement for my music related goals.
    I basically feel that I do not know enough in terms of mixing, production, composition and arrangement to create the music I want to make and it feels to me that, even though I do study and practice daily, I am always lost and always without a clue when it comes to making this type of music. I feel like there is something they know that I dont and that I dont seem to be able to grasp.

    Thanks, if anyone needs more info on this, I can provide that if it seems too abstract.

    It seems that you have stated. First it would be a good idea to blast the following beliefs using belief blasters.

    I couldn't understand the world —> I couldn't have understood the world

    I'm confused —> I had been confused
    I'm lost —> I had been lost
    I'm clueless —> I had been clueless
    I don't understand —> I didn't understand
    I don't know enough —> I didn't know enough
    I'm not creative —> I hadn't been creative

    Might also add:

    I'm stupid —> I had been stupid
    I'm dumb —> I had been dumb

    Clear these out of the way and see how you think/feel.

    There could be a long list of reasons why you are “stuck” which is a very broad term.

    Without getting into “stuck”you could install a few PQT…

    It's easy to make music now I'm creative now
    If others can make music now I can too now
    I know just as much as anyone else now I'm smart now
    I know everything I need to succeed now I'm knowledgeable now
    Producing music is a breeze now I'm natural now
    The best part about making music is learning now
    Learning to produce is fun now even when I make mistakes now
    I produce music fast and easy now it's exciting now