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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi in3deep,

    Thanks for posting and for sharing your story.

    In short, you can absolutely resolve this issue with PSTEC. You can resolve the hurts, the worst-case scenarios and any unwanted emotions.

    You can also eliminate the beliefs.

    Doing this systematically will likely change your behaviours.

    I appreciate this is a very painful issue for you, and that it feels very raw right now. I am pleased to advise there are many routes to take.

    Have you considered that the story with which you have been presented might not be the whole truth?

    Do you know, for instance, with 100% certainty that:

    – your ex-best friend asked this girl out?

    – your ex-best friend said something negative about you?

    – he is blocking all her time?

    – she has no interest in you?

    I only ask, because often our imaginations can “run away” from us. Also, when you factor in gossip and the like, the actual reality can often be significantly different to what we imagined.

    So, if someone believes “I was robbed”, that will typically produce different feelings than “she is just busy at the moment.”

    In any case, I know this feels very real to you, so you can use PSTEC to take the emotional sting out of this…and then some.

    Before giving a more detailed “roadmap”, can you please advise which PSTEC tools you own and have been using?

    I do presume, however, that you own the Free Click Tracks and have been working through those.

    With that in mind, you might wish to run the CTs on this.


    – Think of the situation and try to get as angry as you possibly can
    – Feel that anger as intensely as you can
    – Rate this between 0-10
    – To make this even more real, write down “I have been betrayed”, “I can't trust people I loved”, “Everyone will let me down”, “I've lost her” and “I'll never get what I want”
    – These are beliefs, but you can use these to trigger causal events and intensify the feelings.
    – Keep Click Tracking while you think of these concepts and TRY hard to evoke the anger
    – Keep going until you have cleared it all – until you think of the situation and can bring up no anger.
    – So, if you started at a 10, go at this issue until it's a 0 or 1.

    After this, think of the situation again and separately CT the hurt and resentment down to 0.

    This may require several plays of the CT. Keep at it.

    Some other things you can do:

    – Think of your ex-best friend and just let those negative feelings bubble up and CT them down to 0. You are letting YOURSELF off the hook here. If he has indeed done what you think he has done, you will still be armed with the knowledge.

    – Think of your ex-BF and the girl in whom you are interested being together. Imagine seeing them walking hand-in-hand together, let the hurt surface and CT that away.

    I hope that helps for now. Once I know which tracks you have, I will be in a better position to offer additional suggestions.

    Best Regards,


    Paul McCabe – PSTEC Master Practitioner

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