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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi in3deep,

    Thanks for your reply and for confirming what tracks you have.

    I appreciate you taking the time to post, as this is clearly a very painful issue for you. You will get through this and I am confident you will emerge with a renewed vigour and a completely different outlook on life.

    The tracks you have will be enough to completely resolve this. I am in full agreement with Brian, however, that Belief Blasters ( and Quantum Turbo ( are absolutely superb.

    In fact, for long-term use and ease of use, I would contend they are essential. In my opinion, they are beyond comparison. If you are in a position to get them, please do so.

    Crucially, though, many people have already completely resolved issues before these tracks came out. You just have even more variety now.

    To that end (and I'm sorry to bombard you here!), I definitely recommend eliminating some beliefs around this pattern. Doing so can collapse an entire pattern and, well, you already have the tracks to facilitate this.

    So, as well as your CT work, check whether these beliefs resonate with you. If they do, I recommend coming up with 3-4 logical counterexamples for each belief and eliminating the beliefs with PSTEC Negative:

    “My belief is that I am second best”

    “My belief is that it bad to get too close to people”

    “My belief is that I have been betrayed”

    “My belief is that I am unlucky in love”

    “My belief is that I am inferior to (my ex-best friend)” – add his name

    “My belief is that I don't have what it takes”

    “My belief is that relationships don't work out”

    “My belief is that life is very unfair”

    “My belief is that women aren't interested in me”

    “My belief is that I will never meet the right person”

    Check in with these, re-word as you see fit (to make them more resonant for you) and then eliminate each one. You could eliminate two beliefs per day.

    Other beliefs may feed into the pattern and these will surface. You can then clear those too.

    Say each belief phrase again after running the PSTEC Negative track and doing what is required. Check to see whether it “feels true.” If so (highly unlikely), just run the track again.

    For every belief you eliminate, you may wish to layer in a positive suggestion to tip the balance. Use PSTEC Positive for this, of course.

    For example, for a belief like “I'm unlucky in love”, you can layer in a positive like “I've got so much to offer in a relationship” or “The future can be so much better than the past.”

    Few problems exist in isolation, so Brian is spot on with regards to looking for patterns in your personal history – times when you felt rejected, betrayed or second best. No doubt they will be there and, with Click Track 2015, you can bundle them together and clear them efficiently.

    This would be an effective way to clear the anger. There are so many ways to do this with PSTEC, however.

    You could take that “deep dive” now, or you could simply focus on the problem at hand.

    In any case, if you stick at this, you will get there.

    I hope that helps.


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