Reply To: Chronic dizziness-medically no answer

Daniel Wynn

    Good Day Everyone. I am new here and new to PSTEC. I’ve been trying to find a practitioner to help me but haven’t had much luck yet so I’m reaching out here to see if I can find some guidance. 

    I have chronic dizziness that has been reviewed by a ton of medical specialists and they can’t find an issue. Medications were tried and made things worse. :-(. Then I managed to give myself a concussion and exacerbated my dizziness further plus added head pain and brain fog issues.  I know that when the dizziness started I was under a ton of stress at work and has just come off a super stressful year of nursing my daughter.  Also, I have a ton of regret and guilt over trying so many medications even though I had always preferred natural alternatives and also a ton of guilt and sadness over the concussion.

    I don’t even know where to start to try to redirect my brain away from the dizziness and damage done by medication. I feel like my brain is just “stuck” on the dizziness and pain and doesn’t know how to let it go.

    Could anyone suggest at least somewhere to start? Thank you so much! I’d also be thrilled to do a consult with a practitioner if someone is available.


    Hi Bethany

    Sorry to hear of your recent hardships. You are taking the right steps to find more inner peace by posting here. Could you let us know what pstec tools you have?

    I'm assuming you have the free click tracks. So will give some advice geared towards that. You say you were under stress at work, and nursing your daughter. That would be a good place to start. Think of those events, pick the ones with the strongest charge, and TRY to feel as much as you can while tapping to the click track. When did the dizziness first occur? Did it begin when you were experiencing those particular events? Or could you trace it back further? If not, cool just go after those events.

    I would also suggest going after guilt of trying different medications, try to feel as guilty as you can while tapping.

    I can also see there is a sense of confusion, and possibly a lack of control maybe in how to dealing with this issue. So could be something to look into too.

    Either way, make a start today and you will thank yourself later.