Reply To: Chronic dizziness-medically no answer

Daniel Wynn

    Thank you so much for replying! Yes I am so confused by all my issues and symptoms  that it’s hard to know where to start. I can actually pinpoint a few dizzy episodes to when I was pregnant with my son three years prior to it becoming chronic. I have the PSTEC level 1 and the accelerator programs.

    Firstly i would suggest listening to the accelerator tracks before bed every night for the next couple weeks. That's the long relaxation accelerator. It will help loosen up your mind for change and success. It will also help with memory recall which is useful.

    I would also say using pstec positive would be a good move. Using the following suggestions over the next couple days would help.

    “I will follow Tim's instructions now as they are important”

    “Things become clearer to me everyday from now on”

    “I am finding ways to bring more peace into my life now”

    “Pstec could be successful for me right now”

    Mix it up with the emotional work. Vary what tracks you use. Accelerator are great for recall. I would go after that memory then. When you were pregnant with your son. Feel the emotions as if you are back there OR its happening NOW and TRY to feel those emotions. Keep going with it until its right down.
    If you are concerned about going there at all, feel what pops up with the thought of associating with that event. Clear those emotions. Then go to that event, and again, TRY your hardest to feel those emotions.