Reply To: Looking for suggestions to stop vaping


    Its geared towards smoking in particular. Thing is, its all really the same thing. If vaping didn't exist you would say you are addicted to cigarettes right? Even though you are addicted to vaping now, you were once addicted to smoking. And, if the option of vaping was taken away from you, smoking would seem more accessible in your mind.

    Good point, while it is the nicotine that I´m addicted to, that's actually just like a starter-motor for the psychological addiction/dependency.

    Its all linked. I would recommend clearing any excitement around vape gear. That was a big one for me. I really liked getting new mods, and tanks , juice etc.

    That hit home more than I thought!

    The best thing is, without that crutch of smoking/vaping i HAD to feel. So i managed to clear issues i had otherwise suppressed/avoided with vaping. 

    That's exactly what I´ve been noticing after clearing and working on things – maybe part of the problem is the sub trying to protect me from what I´m avoiding. But #### that, I´m going after it all ;)

    Have your set up in front of you, and run the click track on wanting to vape. Any associations you might have around certain times you vape.

    I would clear the feeling of no control. Being at the mercy of vaping, and the dependency you have around it.

    Also what's it going to be like without it? No more excuse to get away or escape certain situation, how would that feel? Click track it.

    Those 3 points were great:

    -having the mod + juice in front of me I think will help a lot for running the CT. That one line was the gold in an already very helpful response – thank you!

    -the control thing is a big one for me, related to a lot more than vaping for sure

    -that last one terrifies me… so clearly work to do there also

    Maybe positive on.

    “Vaping isn't cool now I'm cool without it now”

    “I'm just a straight up cool geezer without that vape now”

    Nice suggestions, and man it's been a long time since I heard someone drop “geezer”… reminds me of home and that I miss England… sometimes!

    Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestions mate, I really appreciate them and your time.

    I´m going to work through your suggestions and whatever related things come up this weekend, and update after that.

    I can't wait to be free, omg…