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    • “I was an addict”
    • “Getting rid of one addiction meant I took up another”
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    • “Being free from addictions was impossible”
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      As I noted in the linked forum post, I seem to have resistance to doing things myself/for myself… and in particular around using the PQT. I see the value of the PQT suggestions you made, I want to do them… I just don't/haven't yet.

      I think part of it comes down to the idea that I´ve read/heard from Tim and Jeff and others about the best/ideal way to do things being:

      1. CT bad stuff
      2. Remove bad beliefs
      3. Install good beliefs
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        I know this is the ideal, and that probably it's fine to do it in other ways. But I have PAGES AND PAGES of bad feelings/events/situations/memories to work through, and even more PAGES of beliefs to get rid of…

        With regards to stopping smoking – I´m done. Vaping too. I am absolute about that. I do need to follow Clearingman's excellent suggestions around “vaping being cool” and that side of things… and again, it comes back to the same thing, essentially – that I need permission and guidance.

        Any thoughts/suggestions on being able to do this myself, without permission/guidance? I love the guidance of course, but it the NEED for it that is slowing me down and hurting me.

        Thank you so much for your help.